History Essay On Stalin

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Stalin believed that attention to education was necessary in order to have a skilled industrial labour force.

Improvements in transport would help move raw materials, manufactured products and agricultural produce.

Many basic industries were established and new industries such as plastics and synthetic rubber also came into being.

The foundations had been laid for the development of Russia as a major industrial and political world power.

Education was structured around mechanical and engineering lessons.

Stalin felt that proper education would lead to more innovative ideas and ways and means of industrialising Russia.

Stalin: The First Five- Year Plans (1928-1933) Stalin believed that a strong economy needed a strong country.

He felt that industrialisation was the key to achieving this strength and was convinced that the peasant class needed to accept socialism.

The launch of the first Five-Year Plan and a collectivisation drive dramatically reversed the NEP model.

The Congress of the Communist Party accepted Stalin's national economic plan in 1927.


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