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Foreign businesses located in at-war countries are often victims of expropriation.

Historian Valeria Giacomin explores how German businesses in the United Kingdom and India mitigated risk and even benefitted when their employees were placed in internment camps during the World Wars.

Open for comment; Internment during wartime is a frequent occurrence, but little has been written about internment as a political risk for multinational enterprises.

Examining German businesspeople interned in British camps in India during both World War I and II, this study identifies major issues and questions for future scholarly research on internment.

Open for comment; Information plays a critical role in technological progress, yet many inventors opt for trade secrecy to protect their intellectual property.

This paper studies the myriad repercussions of concealing new inventions through the lens of a systematic and sweeping invention secrecy policy implemented by the USPTO during World War II.

For South Asians, excessive bureaucracy was the biggest source of risk.

The study is based on a unique Harvard Business School oral history database.

While oral history is not uncritical, it provides openings for opinions, voices, and judgements on events on which there was often silence.

Companies have thought for decades about business-focused solutions to fix the deteriorating environment.


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