Holocaust Denial Argumentative Essay

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Ultimately, after struggling through several drafts of her essay, Horton began to research the alternative-right for inspiration.

“I watched videos, read articles, and especially comments.

She also began her own writing career and became a best-selling USA Today author.

“It’s wonderful that I’m able to satisfy my two passions– educating and nurturing youth and writing fiction,” said Rosenblum.

This helps me get the feedback I need,” said Aitchison.

“We also engage in partner editing, where we receive basic grammar, construction, and spelling suggestions from our peers before we present our work to our teacher for additional criticism.” The specific topic of the Holocaust did prove challenging to both writers.“Last year, I had the freedom and class availability to run two semester classes, which created a winter and summer edition of ‘Literal Scorpion,’ an anthology of fiction and creative non-fiction.They are available for reading on the KMS website.” The Holocaust was a tragic time in history that forever changed humanity, and the hatred it produced still trickles into our lives today.First of all, the books that have been written about the Holocaust provide a deeper understanding of the innermost thoughts people had during that time.In The , a young girl in Amsterdam went into hiding and unfortunately did not live to see peace.She also enjoys the structure of Debra Rosenblum’s class, which she says is uniquely nurturing.“I am surrounded by a talented group of students, and a fun-natured teacher, who is a professional writer herself.For this reason, these events must be kept close in our hearts.” And, in her essay, Aitchison, shares some similar sentiments by writing—“keeping the Holocaust alive with witness testimonies are so important…they shed light on this tragic chapter of humanity and educate people so this never happens to us again.” Rosenblum grew up on the East Coast and moved to the Valley in 2007; then, she started teaching in the Kyrene district.These recounts are so important because they shed light on this tragic chapter of humanity and educate people so this never happens to us again.The things we do to keep the Holocaust in the minds of the public and not forgotten include reading books written by Holocaust survivors, watching videos about the events, and giving our listening ear to survivors’ testimonies.


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