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In other classrooms, students run out the first chance they get. You’re just wrapping up class when you hear someone call out from the back of the room, “Please, please, teacher, you forgot to give us some homework! Talking over the phone is a real challenge for second language learners, so this fun activity will give them some practice.”Under normal circumstances, that might seem highly unusual, but not when you make homework fun and engaging. So how do you include those elements in homework assignments for your ESL students? Make up a story and write it out for one student, or simply tell one student before class lets out for the day.Then each person can simply call the next person down on the list.)The following day, give students a questionnaire to see how much correct information was passed along.

If you have, you know part of the fun is in just how subjective the game is.

And sending students on a photo scavenger hunt can encompass the same type of fun.

Start by helping your students write a survey they’ll use for their interviews.

Students can choose a topic or you can assign one, like leisure activities or celebrity news.

I’m sure you also have your favorite movie-related language activities and many work as homework assignments.

So get creative with how you have students share about what they watched.

Send your students to a coffee shop or a restaurant to practice their speaking or listening skills.

Depending on the level of your students and what skills you want them to practice, you might ask them to do any of the following while they’re at the restaurant. Give them a chance to talk about it in front of the class. Have each person choose something they’re passionate about, something they might consider themselves an expert on.

Give individual students or groups of up to three students a list of items to find on their scavenger hunt.

But instead of being specific in your list (for example, including items such as cat), be in your list.


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