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If you’re happiest with a camera or notepad in hand, we’re sure you’ll love custom yearbook t-shirts, sweats, and more from Custom Ink!

Even though you have a way with words, we thought we’d put together a list of our favorite yearbook slogans for your yearbook club t-shirts.

But, to make their commercials stand out, companies go the extra mile.

Anything and everything goes when it comes to these special ads.

These advertisements and commercials are hurtful, degrading and disrespectful to women, and no company should use these terrible marketing techniques again.

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What do you think is the most sexist campaign you’ve seen?

The LG Twin Wash can do two loads at once, saving us women extra time for all the things we do best.

Like shopping, Probably the most common sexist advertisements use women as sexual objects.

Britain was blacked out on 1st September 1939, two days before the outbreak of war. During the war, everyone had to cover their windows and doors at night (before sunset) with heavy blackout curtains, cardboard or paint.

Why did people have to cover their windows and doors?


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