How Bill Gates Changed The World Essay

He dropped out of Harvard to chase his entrepreneur carrier and so he and his partner Paul Allen built the world’s largest software business, Microsoft.

And Microsoft changed the world completely, like 90 % Of the computers we use today, use Windows Operating System which is made by Microsoft and computers are actually the driving force of the world today, like almost everything is done by computers. Now let me tell you how much money he has donated..

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Steve Jobs changed the personal computer industry by bringing Graphical User Interface (GUI) & the mouse as a way of interaction between computer & its user with the macintosh.

Windows 95 was a technological breakthrough, introducing features that still define Microsoft’s operating system today.

How Bill Gates Changed The World Essay

Introducing features such as the Start Menu which became so popular that Microsoft had a massive backlash when they decided not to use it again in windows 8, they eventually realized it was a great mistake that they brought it back in Windows 10.

Home computing had been around for more than a decade, but nothing before, had had the same impact.

As well as being a technological breakthrough, introducing features that still define Microsoft’s operating system today, Windows 95 was an unprecedented cultural phenomenon.

Steve Jobs changed the tablet industry with the i Pad, no cared about tablet before the i Pad came.

Apple already had its first tablet in the 90’s with newton messagepad but it flopped terribly because the product was just ahead of its time & its writing recognition feature was terrible, Windows also already had its tablets but none of them succeed.


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