How Long Should The Common Application Essay Be

However, it’s not allowed for applicants to both go over the essay word limit and submit college essays that are under 250 words according to new common application rules.When applying to any college or university that allows applicants to go over the word limit, you should still avoid doing that for certain reasons.Successful and clever students know how to follow the necessary essay directions.As an example, when teachers assign 5-page academic papers, they don’t want to receive any 10-page essay.If you’re asked to use only a black ink, using the orange one is a mistake.It has the essay word count limit, which is only 650 words.Writing a college essay within this word limit means including at least 3 paragraphs.When writing any college essay, it’s necessary to follow all directions precisely. Although the maximum allowed length for a college essay is 650 words, its minimum required limit is 250 words.Some teachers advise their students to keep academic papers short because admissions officers appreciate that, but it’s not always the truth.Colleges want all applicants to have enough room to write about their interests and personalities.To hit the required essay length, you need to avoid fillers or added words because they only bulk up your paper and their use is evident to readers.


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