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Previously, the Dual Shock 4 controller could only be used with the PS3 via USB.The controller is registered on the PS3 as a generic controller so only basic controller inputs are compatible.(At this point, we're assuming that's definitely a hardware limitation, and not something that can be fixed with a firmware update.) And that, fellow gamers, is how we ended up with the PS3 USB charger pictured above.

While we wouldn't be surprised to see this thing appear Stateside as well, the problem is: there's really no reason it should need to exist.

And if the PS3 were better designed, it wouldn't have to. The PS3 controller's rechargeable battery is locked inside.

Turn it off (standby mode), and the USB ports go dead.

By contrast, some recent have a feature called "Sleep and Charge," which allow you to power up attached USB devices even when the laptop is turned off.

The Dual Shock 4 controller can now be used wirelessly with the Play Station 3 following a recent update for Sony's older generation console.

Posted on Reddit by user shafiggy16, users can now pair the new generation controller with the older system through the Manage Bluetooth Devices option in the "Accessory Settings" menu.

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When connecting a PS3 controller to anything, it is crucial that you use a PS3 controller made by Sony; any third-party controllers are liable to fail or glitch out.

Engadget has noted the appearance of a new Play Station 3 accessory in Japan: a USB charger that can juice up two PS3 controllers at once.


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