How To Write An Application Letter For Employment As A Driver

Your resume and a well written cover letter will provide all the information to a potential employer to decide whether or not to call you for the interview.Address your letter First get the name of the employer from the company and address your cover letter directly to the concern person instead of writing 'Dear Sir/Madam' or 'to whom it may concern'. Opening sentences Below is the opening sentence for your driver's cover letter that tells the employer why you are contacting him. Justin, I saw your advertisement in Saturday's newspaper and writing this cover letter to apply for the post of lorry driver.Not sold on using the reverse-chronological format for your Fed Ex or UPS resumes?

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However, if you don’t have experience in delivery (or any at all), lower the position of (or remove completely) your experience section, giving your education a nudge up. You know how schlepping boxes around keeps you in shape?

That PDF format keeps your resume in shape, as well.

Seeking to leverage fast-paced work ethic with top-rated customer service (100%) to help DHL grow and meet future demand as the new delivery driver.

I am a customer support rep keen on becoming a DHL delivery driver.

Content The letter must include the position name for which you are going to apply and also make exact references to the company.

Show you interest in the job position and how your skills are perfect for the specific position.You're about to write the most outstanding delivery driver resume in history.First, though, let’s consider: Balancing heavy parcels on your shoulders—no problem.Achieved company-best delivery satisfaction rating according to internal review (99.96%), as well as reduced fuel costs by over 30% through identifying new delivery routes to take. I have a vast knowledge of delivery duties, including loading, unloading duties, truck maintenance, package sorting, reviewing orders, and communicating with the dispatcher. You simply listed delivery driver duties rather than your accomplishments.In the “Right” example, you didn’t even need to tell them your duties—they can see you’re the best delivery candidate because you gave them numbers to quantify your work.If you have experience, such as holding Fed Ex ground driver jobs, Amazon drivers jobs, or UPS truck driver jobs in the past, then use the resume summary.In a summary statement, your delivery work history gets Personable UPS driver with 4 years expertise in a fast-paced route with heavy residential traffic.1 Just like a customs manifest, your courier resume have to be well-structured and easy to scan.It’s not so tough at all: Use the reverse-chronological format, which is the most popular and has the HR stamp of approval.Like the summary, use numbers to back up what you’re saying.Here, you’ll pair that with your Diligent customer support representative with 3 years experience at high-volume call center.


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