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If he ignores the problem, his essay will appear disorganized.Such hasty additions will rapidly obscure the original structure.The Great Depression was an important time in our nation’s history.

Your professor will be pleased to see that you were able to make the connection, and your whole essay will be much stronger. Jerz — first posted — typos corrected; puns added — minor edits — revision Academic Argument: Evidence-based Defense of a Non-obvious Position " data-medium-file="https://i0com/

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If the question asks you to “explain” a topic, then a paragraph that presents your personal opinion won’t be of much help.

If the question asks you to present a specific example, then a paragraph that summarizes what “some people say” about the topic won’t be very useful.

Sometimes, in the middle of a difficult paragraph, students will glance back at the question, and get a new idea.

They will then hastily back out of their current paragraph, and provide a rough transition like: “But an even more important aspect is…”.

The revised example is simply the [slightly edited] last sentence of the original wordy and vague paragraph.

This clear, direct thesis statement helps the student focus on the communication task at hand.

But a whole lot of average people who were suffering in their daily lives often sought escapist entertainment in the form of movies.

One such movie was Charlie Chaplin’s The author of the above passage not only wastes time composing six sentences before getting to her thesis (the very last sentence), she also clouds the issue by bringing up topics (religion, music, and Communism) that she has no intention of ever mentioning again.


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