Human Skeleton Essay

On the back side it has a bony ridge for the attachment of the muscles.These two form a pivot joint that allows the head and neck to move freely.It is the smallest and most vulnerable vertebrae of the vertebrae column but it is the most important because it sends signal to the thoracic from the head.(@Google) Thorax – takes part in both protecting the heart and lungs, and also helps in shape of the body. Extends from the base of the cranium to the pelvis, providing a central axis for the body Accounts for around 40% of a human overall weight.The vertebrae of a human spine are held together strongly by powerful ligaments that allow little movement between your adjacent vertebrae but afford a considerable degree flexibility along the spine as a whole.This is a triangular bone located below the lumbar and it forms the back wall of the pelvic griddle sitting between the two hip bones.Coccygeal vertebrae (four focused) – this is the last part of the vertebral column which has got four fused bones that form a coccyx or a tail bone.The bony ridge forms a major projection, the acromion, above the shoulder joint.Beneath the collar bone and just on the inside of the shoulder joint, is another bony projection of the shoulder blade, the coracoid process, which also serves for the attachment of muscles.Thoracic vertebrae (twelve) – these are the vertebrae of the mid spine, which articulate with the ribs and are also found in the thorax.The thoracic vertebrae are larger than the cervical ad increase in size from top to bottom.


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