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To be a full-time student, work part-time, complete an internship, all while trying to maintain a high GPA — paying a third party to complete that extra load of schoolwork is something that University of Toronto student Victoria Filice never even considered.

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This statement makes an argument (that high school students should wear uniforms) and lays out why they think that is the case.If you wait and do it at the last minute, you will end up cutting corners and using bad or incomplete sources because of the time crunch. Your essay is only as strong as the arguments you put forward, and those arguments are shaped in large part by the sources you use to back them up.When thinking about the number of sources you need, some professors will give you a precise total of how many sources they want for the essay, but most profs won’t.To help students reach these goals, the course covers the following: critical reading and thinking; the writing process; paraphrasing and summarizing; critical analysis; critical response; revision; grammar and mechanics; and documentation.To be successful, students must produce writing that meets or surpasses the minimum departmental standards which are outlined in the attached criterion sheets.My personal rule of thumb is whenever I want to make an argument that isn’t general common knowledge, I always make sure to have a citation handy.Do you remember in high school English class when your teachers would assign an outline as part of your essay grade and you would roll your eyes because you thought outlines were stupid; “I can write my essay just fine without an outline” you would complain to your friends.With some students feel the stress to complete their assignments, they also face the pressures of getting a good grade and having it done on time.Websites like promise their essay writing service to deliver a high-quality paper.City News calls this service “contract cheating, where students have a third party complete assignments on their behalf, often for a fee.”University and college students face many pressures with completing not only one assignment on time, but juggling many other responsibilities than being just a full-time student.With Uof T listed as one of the schools from where students have used a third party writing service, Filice said she has never even heard of these services and does not know anyone personally who has used them.


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