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This often leads to confusion because equations do not balance dimensionally. Use a long dash rather than a hyphen for a minus sign.If you must use mixed units, clearly state the units for each quantity that you use in an equation. Punctuate equations with commas or periods when they are part of a sentence, as in: \begin a b=\gamma\label \end Be sure that the symbols in your equation have been defined before or immediately following the equation.

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\item Do not mix complete spellings and abbreviations of units: ``Wb/m\textsuperscript'' or ``webers per square meter'', not ``webers/m\textsuperscript''. Use ``\eqref'', not ``Eq.~\eqref'' or ``equation \eqref'', except at the beginning of a sentence: ``Equation \eqref is . .'' \subsection Please use ``soft'' (e.g., \verb|\eqref|) cross references instead of ``hard'' references (e.g., \verb|(1)|). The \verb|| environment leaves unsightly spaces around relation symbols.

That will make it possible to combine sections, add equations, or change the order of figures or citations without having to go through the file line by line. Please note that the \verb|| environment in will increment the main equation counter even when there are no equation numbers displayed.

\item The subscript for the permeability of vacuum $\mu_$, and other common scientific constants, is zero with subscript formatting, not a lowercase letter ``o''.

\item In American English, commas, semicolons, periods, question and exclamation marks are located within quotation marks only when a complete thought or name is cited, such as a title or full quotation.This and the file define the components of your paper [title, text, heads, etc.].*CRITICAL: Do Not Use Symbols, Special Characters, Footnotes, or Math in Paper Title or Abstract.\subsection \begin \item Use either SI (MKS) or CGS as primary units. \item Use a zero before decimal points: ``0.25'', not ``.25''.(SI units are encouraged.) English units may be used as secondary units (in parentheses). Use ``cm\textsuperscript'', not ``cc''.) \end \subsection Number equations consecutively.\section Before you begin to format your paper, first write and save the content as a separate text file.Complete all content and organizational editing before formatting.It will not stop equation numbers inside \verb


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