Importance Of Data Analysis In Dissertation

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The truth is that any of those steps could be right for you!This is because qualitative analysis, though based on certain ground rules, does not follow a rigid process.

The deductive approach to qualitative data analysis involves analyzing data based on a structure predetermined by the researcher.

In this case, you can use your research questions as a guide for grouping and analyzing your data.

It’s important for you to know that the validity of your research rests heavily on your data analysis.

In this post, we’re going to show you how to effectively carry out a qualitative data analysis.

Some examples of qualitative data include transcripts from interviews, audio/video recordings and notes from an observation.

Qualitative data analysis is simply the process of examining qualitative data to derive an explanation for a specific phenomenon.However, you can get back on track by simply organizing your data.You must resist the temptation of working with unorganized data because it will only make your data analysis more difficult.It is therefore, your duty as the researcher to make sense out of field data though transcription.The first step of analyzing you data is to transcribe all data.According to NSF, it’s not guided by any ground rules and is highly dependent on the researcher and the context of the study.This knowledge is vital for your data analysis because you don’t want to find yourself in a corner as a result of following a rigid set of rules.You don’t want to mistake one for another and veer off your proposed research methodology.The simple distinction between these two methods is that qualitative data analysis deals with the analysis of subjective and non-numerical data while quantitative data analysis focuses on analyzing data through a numerical or statistical means.Transcription simply means converting all data into textual form.Technology has made it very easy for you to transcribe data.


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