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For more information about how examiners make a judgement on a thesis, read this paper by Mullins and Kiley called "It's a Ph D, not a Nobel Prize".

But I am only a dissertation away from completing my Ph D and being finished with my poor decision, but I am having enormous difficulty finding motivation to write it. I can't find the energy to read any more boring articles I need to cite or find the energy to write a complete sentence.

Every time I start I find an excuse to distract myself and I don't know how to find external motivation since I lack internal motivation.

I think your suggestions were solid, practical and generally useful.

I have been thinking about your advice for the month since I first posted this, and I unfortunately have to admit these strategies haven't helped me find any motivation to make much progress on my dissertation.

I had been seeing a counselor using the services provided by the school.

It is a very nice service and I have had access to what I felt was a high quality counselor, they screened me for depression and gave me the all clear.

Any written work accompanying a thesis by creative works must be substantial; between 30,000 and 60,000 words for a Ph D and between 15,000 and 30,000 for an M. The final presentation of the work will be a public presentation; an exhibition, recital, lecture or some other form as agreed with the supervisor and the university.

The Research Training team run a variety of workshops, seminars and courses aimed at helping you prepare your thesis as well as guidance on working with your supervisor to achieve a successful submission.

The compilation can include works which have been explicitly prepared for publication but not yet accepted, however these should not make up the majority of the text.

It is expected that a thesis by compilation has linking text and a foreword to each chapter.


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