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However, because of different conceptions of the nature of republics, diplomatic errors were made, mostly on the French side.

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He used the interest of many southerners in western lands to tie his allies to the French cause.

The friends of France were not merely interested in western expansion; they genuinely believed that the cause of liberty, faced with hostile European powers, was in peril.

Genet proceeded with his plans, alienating the American government and touching off something of a constitutional crisis.

The Jacobins, who repudiated international republican revolution, replaced Genet with a Jacobin minister.

The central argument of this dissertation is that slaves in Cuba resisted oppression in a myriad of ways.

Not only the scholarly favored maroon communities and violent revolts constituted their forms of rejecting slavery.

After the French and Indian war, Britain was no longer a simply maritime power, but a nation that articulated its imperial claims on a continental scale.

It was through statesmen like Thomas Jefferson, the most scientific of America's presidents and whose writings I examine in my dissertation's final chapter, that nationalism and "natural rights" were extended to include territorial rights to the North American continent.

In the Cuban case, some particular forms of resistance have monopolised the scholarly efforts in this field, among them marronage and slave revolts.

Albeit slave resistance has been considered a crucial issue, very much has been published using secondary sources, and giving priority to some relevant maroon communities and slave conspiracies and rebellions.


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