Interpersonal Relationships Essay

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Respect for others is another important way of ensuring healthy interpersonal relationships.

Every person has the need to be respected and valued within any group context.

Our friends are placed in our lives with the purpose of helping and being a support system for us.

Romantic relationships will determine the commitment that we have for the future to spend our life with a person.

In cases where one is blamed for the mistakes, healthy relationships may not be achievable, while in situations where people give positive criticism and offers to help find a solution, healthy relationships are established and sustained.

It is therefore important that in any form of interpersonal relationship, individuals should focus on finding solutions to any challenge or problems arising between two or more people.Chapter 11 gives a clear overview of how relationships begin and the process of how they…Interpersonal relationship can be defined as an association, connections or social affiliations between two or more individuals.This is most likely to foster healthy interpersonal relationships.Interpersonal relationships may exist between people with varied cultural backgrounds.This may lead to unhealthy interpersonal relationship.It is always important for each individual within a given group of people to have communication skills that enhance his or her relationships with others (Kyle, 2007).As humans, we question the reason why things happen in life.Sometimes we are clueless about why we meet certain people.This provides a support system and encourages creating groups and large communities.Friendship and Romance are the main interpersonal relationships that we encounter in life.


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