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They argue that we should frankly admit that we are a corrupt nation and that we cannot do without it.It is a matter of shame and regret for all thee who care to hear the call of their conscience. Corruption is prevailing at all levels – economic, social, administrative, moral and spiritual.During the past few years, the images of the country has been defaced beyond redemption.

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People are beginning to take corruption for granted. Smugglers, black marketeers and hoarders should be severely dealt with. Dishonest public servants should not only be dismissed, but should also be publicly flogged and put behind the bards.

Social and spiritual organizations can give a good healthy education to the public. The education system of the country should be re-oriented to inculcate a spirit of honesty amongst the people.

The topmost people in the country must present model examples of conduct and behavior.

They should be completely above board in their dealings and should be honest to a fault.

When this is the simple reason for us to do wrong, why should anyone even try to do anything in the right way?

When we work honestly, the result is that, either the work is not done or it gets delayed.Unfortunately, in our country, corruption has become a part of life.It has entered the very roots of the Indian society.Ministers and senior officials must set noble examples of an honest living free from corruption, bribery, nepotism and immorality.The law of the land should be provided with more teeth to deal with the corrupt elements. The Government should launch a vigorous campaign against this social evil. Evils, it is said, percolate in any society from the top.All ministers and public servants should be made to declare their assets.The vigilance department should keep a constant eye on the corrupt officers and other public servants.Moreover, doing a task in the right way has no advantages attached to it.For these simple reasons, the right and honest method of doing work is long forgotten and corrupt practices have become the way of life.These scams, most of them unearthed by the Central Bureau of Investigation, involve huge sums running into thousands of crores.They have shaken the entire conscience of the country to the bones.


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