Investment Portfolio Management Case Study

Also, please know these outcomes may not be indicative of your experience as all the advice I give is specialized for each client.Launa and Andrew raised their daughter in Lafayette and now that she is on her own they want to stay in their large home, enjoying the community and their neighbors.

He said that the Value Trend approach was conservative, and Keith wasn’t like ‘the slick guy in the shiny suit” that the bank had sent over.

Bill & Dianne took Bob’s advice and are happy they decided to go with Value Trend.

These case studies are posted solely for informational purposes.

In no way should the content be construed to be perceived as investment advice, nor should you rely solely on the content for your investment strategy.

Jack & Julie are young professionals with teenage kids at home.

Jack is a senior executive with a Fortune 500 firm, and a knowledgeable, very conservative investor.

They receive a steady income from their portfolio, and rest comfortably knowing that their investments are in good hands.

...enjoying life, but concerned about how much it costs to live here...looking to lower your financial stress rather than achieve financial perfection..independent thinker who simply doesn't have the time to do all this yourself..burdened by excessive debt, but unsure if your resources will provide the life you want..interested in owning investment real estate long term..interested in helping families find financial peace...a Certified Financial Planner® dedicated to holistic advice...a Chartered Financial Analyst who knows how Wall Street works...a 25-year professional who managed money for institutional clients...a Fiduciary whose sole objective is to give the best advice for you...a 14-year resident of Blackhawk, member of the club and occasional tennis player After 25 years in the corporate world managing money for some of the country’s largest foundations, endowments, and corporations, I’ve found a much better way to contribute to my community: Helping families achieve their financial goals.

When Keith launched Value Trend he invited them to join his new practice.

As a former business owner and entrepreneur, Bob tended to be cautious when making major decisions.


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