Is A Persuasive Essay The Same As An Argumentative Essay

Is A Persuasive Essay The Same As An Argumentative Essay-30
Writing has to spread student’s imagination and skills and instead of limiting them.At the same time, you need to review the basic writing principles to make the process flow easily.

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They both need a five-paragraph structure, corresponding format, powerful arguments to support with evidence, and impressive conclusion.

They both serve to persuade the readers to take your side while arguing on a specific issue.

An argumentative essay has to prove the main point of the author to the target audience.

No matter how subjective or unfair the claim sounds, it’s up to the writer to persuade the reader of his truth. Thus, high school and college teachers often assign such assignments to check how well students can develop and present their own arguments.

This focus makes the argumentative essay more detailed than the persuasive essay, hence the analogy of the big brother.

As with the persuasive essay, the argumentative essay is supported by facts.

Lawyers use expert witnesses to give authority to their argument.

You can do the same in your essay by quoting well known sources or using testimonials.

A persuasive essay is often confused with an argumentative essay.

This is not the case – an argumentative essay is the big brother of the persuasive essay.


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