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Kata best symbolizes the original tradition and principles of karate (Funakoshi, 1995) , with more than 20 types of attack and defense technique used based on personal experience watching performances of kata.

Kumite, by contrast, is a match between two opponents in which one symbolically destroys the other with technique and strategy.

However, early in the sport’s career, the aim is to acquaint learners with a range of basic techniques and upgrade gradually to higher belt levels.

Karate can have a significant impact on athlete development, improving the structure of psychosomatic status and anthropometric and motor dimensions (Žarko, Branimir, Ve- sela, Marko, & Nedeljko, 2013) .

In conclusion, karate training contributes to motor ability improvements among primary school karate beginners. Introduction Karate consists of kihon, kata, and kumite training.

Kihon involves basic techniques, whereas kata and kumite are two types of competition.

The fitness characteristics of an athlete are determined by endurance, flexibility, cardiorespiratory function, body composition, and muscular strength, whereas skill-related characteristics include agility, speed, power balance, coordination, and reaction time.

In karate, being above average in some of these abilities is strongly associated with high quality performance, given that both reaction time and predicting and avoiding opponent attacks are vital for top results (Mori, Ohtani, & Imanaka, 2002) .

Preadolescent karatekas showed a significant improvement in static body balance after high intensity karate training lasting one week (Vando et al., 2013) . Participants The study subjects were primary three to primary five students (aged 8 - 12) from a primary school.

However, the relationship between karate training and fundamental motor skills in primary school children is not explored. Trial Design The study assessed the effect of karate training on a convenience sample of primary school students. Students with a medical history of heart disease or with previous karate experience were excluded.


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