Kelley Blue Book Annual Report

(Note: I jointly own a Model S with a couple of other guys, but we only get one referral code.

That’s why the name on the referral code page is Tomasz rather than Zachary.) The electric vehicle with the second best resale value was, as it turns out, another Tesla — the Tesla Model X.

The conclusion was that the Model 3 was dramatically better at holding its value than other cars in its class.

More officially and robustly, Kelley Blue Book recently conducted its massive analysis of the resale value of all cars in the US.

While this is only one report from a single company, KBB’s authority on the matter is well-recognized.

These awards have helped 64% of consumers choose a vehicle when it was time to buy.The Accord won due to its relatively low price, vast array of new features, better fuel economy, and an overall outstanding reliability factor.“This year’s Best Buy Award winners can help shoppers narrow the consideration list of new models across every major vehicle category, providing car buyers with confidence in their next new-car purchase,” said Karl Brauer, executive publisher for Kelley Blue Book.After 36 months, the resale value of a used Tesla Model 3 was estimated to be 69.3% of its original price.After 60 months, the resale value of a Model 3 was estimated to be 48.7% of its original price.With thousands of new and used vehicles in inventories across the country, the selection is plentiful.It's as simple as picking your car online, building the deal that suits you best, adding your trade, and choosing how you'd like to pay!Once your online transaction is complete you can pick your car up at the dealership or even have it delivered directly to your front door!Our mission to become the most guest-centric automotive group is clear across the experiences our dealers offer.The same figures for the Model X were 56.7% and 34.3%, respectively.Yes, to clarify, the #1 Model 3 was almost 13 percentage points better than the #2 Model X after 36 months, and almost 15 percentage points better after 60 months.


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