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This may be the redacted version of your thesis if sensitive or third-party copyright information in your thesis cannot be published.

Thesis full text is available only to Melbourne staff and students during the embargo period, with access via Uni Melb login.

It is necessary to indicate the reasons for requesting embargo on submission into TES. This is an appropriate choice where intellectual property protection is required (eg pending a patent application or commercialisation negotiation) or there are exceptional privacy or security issues. The embargo is for two years and can, if required, be extended for another two years.

It is necessary to indicate the reasons for requesting embargo on submission into TES. Some theses contain information that cannot be made public, such as confidential or private data, intellectual property agreements, or third-party copyright where permission to publish it has not been obtained.

The Primary Chief Investigator on your grant will then need to explain why your thesis was not made openly accessible, and the compliance options that were investigated to make your thesis open, when they submit their Final Report to the ARC.

The NHMRC, unlike the ARC, explicitly exempts scholarship holders from the mandatory requirements of their Open Access Policy, however the NHMRC strongly encourages funded graduate researchers to make their thesis and any peer-reviewed publications Open Access.Once your thesis is deposited to Minerva Access if you selected embargo to your thesis, you may lift the embargo before its expiry by submitting an email request, along with your supervisor’s endorsement, to Minerva Access.The ARC Open Access Policy applies to all research outputs stemming from grant funds, including publications produced by graduate researchers whose scholarships are funded by the ARC.If you need an extension beyond four years, submit a completed application to the Graduate Research Examinations Office by email.No access means that the thesis metadata (including title, author, abstract, keywords) may not be displayed and must be approved by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Graduate and International Research) and is normally approved for up to one year.In keeping with these commitments, the electronic copy of your thesis will be made available on the web, via the University's institutional publications repository, Minerva Access.Making your thesis publicly available via Minerva Access, has the following benefits: An online guide covering the basics of Open Access (OA) is available on the University's Libguide website.The University of Melbourne scholarship thesis allowance will not be available after 1 February 2017.If your department/school requires a printed copy, this won’t be covered by the thesis allowance as this copy is not a requirement for completion.There are three options for access to your thesis in the repository.Once your decision is made about these options, this information is included as part of the data you enter into TES when submitting your thesis for examination: Thesis full text is available online to anyone, as soon as it is deposited into Minerva Access.


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