Life Of Pi Essays On Courage

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The sea torments Pi with waves, threatens him with sharks, and even robs him of his family. It rains flying fish upon him, it grows a magical garden of algae, and in the end, bestows the gift of wisdom.Based on the best-selling novel by Yann Martel, this bold and remarkable film is an adventure set in the realm of magical realism and centers on an Indian boy named Pi Patel, the son of a prudent and cautious zookeeper.The film is directed by Ang Lee, who brought us the breathtaking romantic swordplay in In the story, which starts with the obligatory cute prologue about an precocious boy, the family decides to move from India to Canada, bringing many of the animals with them.The story is so moving that even President Barack Obama, in a letter to the author, described it as .To understand the jewel of wisdom buried deep within the story, which is pronounced to be “a story that will make you believe in God,” we need to understand that the story is actually about wrestling not with a physical tiger, but metaphoric one—with questions of meaning and faith.Richard Parker’s real name, lost due to a clerical error, is “Thirsty.” And where else, besides lost in a life raft in the middle of the ocean, can you be surrounded by water and still die of thirst?In the same way, God is actually all around us, and still, so many of us are unable to receive the manna of heaven.The filmmakers even did motion capture on four real-life tigers who were on set.Also, 3D is ideally suited for rendering a hypnotically beautiful roiling sea.The details of cannibalism and savagery are gruesome.Finally, Pi simply asks the author, “Which story do you prefer?


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