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While, the other three sections are separated according to the nature of studies i.e.

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Through a state-of-the-art review, we have divided the paper into different sections, the first two are general i.e.

CSR measurement, it deals with measuring methods of CSR in Islamic banking, and CSR theories, it gives a brief overview of theories referred in under-review studies.

This framework is based upon the general ethical guidelines inferred from the understanding of objectives of Shariah and public interest under the light of Islamic axioms They have developed an ethical identity index to gauge the social disclosure of Islamic banks.

In the index, 78 items are considered across the eight dimensions.

The content analysis was performed to gauge the CSR disclosure by taking data from annual reports of the year 2004.

They have considered following dimensions in disclosure index: employee, community, philanthropy, product and service, customer and Shariah supervisory board He has considerably argued upon a fact, what an Islamic finance must do, that is a paradigm of sustainability and long-term social development under true spirits of Islamic financing and due consideration towards the sustainable financing instruments, which brings a social well-being They have argued particularly in the context of employee-stakeholder, that obligations of the employer in common law shares similarities with Islamic legal principles.The study includes opinions of 750 customers of two leading full-fledged Islamic banks of Malaysia This study explored a viewpoint of stakeholders regarding philosophy and objectives of Islamic banks in dual banking environment of Malaysia.He considered a survey of 1500 stakeholders of two full-fledged Islamic banks of Malaysia.Although CSR is an extensively studied topic, a systematic, comprehensive and diverse review in the domain of CSR and Islamic banking is missing.This paper intends to present a broad review of this domain.He classifies the CSR for Islamic banks into two forms i.e.mandatory and recommended forms, according to the degree of importance They have defined the maslahah-pyramid as a framework for implementation of CSR.The sample of study comprised of 47 banks across 13 countries.The content analysis approach was applied to measure the level of CSR disclosure and other under-study variables They have examined the influence of Islam on CSR by taking a sample of 21 full-fledged Islamic financial institutions of the Gulf region.At the end of each section, we have included a ‘commentary’ to discuss and summarize major points, highlight trends and issues, provide insights into limitations and suggest future research directions.The authors would like to acknowledge the kind guidance of the editor-in-chief (Prof. Jörn Block), and the anonymous reviewers for their constructive comments and invaluable suggestions throughout the review process., p.


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