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Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand.All students, freshers can download Logical Reasoning Logical Problems quiz questions with answers as PDF files and e Books.By the end of the first period, Bob had sold one-third of the hot dogs.

The grid allows you to cross-reference every possible option in every category.

You can eliminate pairs you know aren't true with an X, and pencil in pairs you know are related with an O.

Therefore, the second half of unsold hot dogs totals 10. Earlier, Bob had sold an additional 10 hot dogs to equal a running total of 30 hot dogs.

Continuing to work backward, you recall that Bob sold one-third of his hot dogs in the first period, meaning that two-thirds remained, which equals 30.

Knowing the mathematical meaning of words allows you to decipher word problems and gives you the power to write your own word problems, too!

Logical Problems To Solve Problem Solving Techniques In Computer

Take a look at these words and learn their mathematical translations.If you know, for example, that Lauren wasn't born in 1961, you can add an X in the box where the Lauren column and 1961 row meet.Similarly, if you know that Bryant was born in 1971, you can add an O in the appropriate box.Now that you’ve determined that two-thirds equal 30 hot dogs, you can surmise that one-third equals 15. Your final calculation reveals that Bob grilled 45 hot dogs before the game started. Because Bob sold 10 more hot dogs during the second period, subtract 10 from 30, which is 20.To check the accuracy of your work, do the problem in reverse using logical reasoning. Half of 20 is 10, which is the number of hot dogs remaining.Furthermore, since every option can only be used once in any given puzzle, you can eliminate the four other options for Bryant in that category (1937, 1946, 1961, 1975) and the four other options for 1971 (Anahi, Jayden, Lauren and Nikolas). Eventually you will have filled in enough X's and O's on the board that you will then be able to use simple logic to deduce the solution to the puzzle.For example, if A = B, and B = C, then A must equal C.In each puzzle you are given a series of categories, and an equal number of options within each category. Your goal is to figure out which options are linked together based on a series of given clues.Each puzzle has only one unique solution, and each can be solved using simple logical processes (i.e. A custom-labeled grid is provided for every puzzle, like the one you see to the right.You can draw conclusions based on given facts and mathematical principles.Once you master the skill in solving math problems, you can use logical reasoning in a wide array of real-world situations. For example, let’s say Bob grilled hot dogs to sell at the concession stand during the hockey game.


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