Louis Armstrong Research Paper

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His charismatic personality and natural talents as a musician helped Louis Armstrong become an extraordinary gift to the American culture of the twentieth century.

Louis Armstrong, the king of jazz, lived an extravagant life in which he contributed and influenced jazz greatly.

Armstrong joined Oliver in Chicago, Illinois, in 1922, remaining there until 1924, when he went to New York City to play with Fletcher Henderson's band.

When Armstrong returned to Chicago in the fall of 1925, he organized a band and began to record one of the greatest series in the history of jazz.

Many of the resulting records are masterpieces of detailed construction and adventurous rhythms.

During these years Armstrong was working with big bands in Chicago clubs and theaters.By 1929 Armstrong was in New York City leading a nightclub band. But at least it gave actual facts because I know a lot about Louis Armstrong and it is true.Appearing in the theatrical revue Hot Chocolates, he sang "Fats" Waller's (1904–1943) "Ain't Misbehavin'," Armstrong's first popular song hit. His style then became simpler, replacing the experimentation of his earlier years with a more mature approach that used every note to its greatest advantage. I searched up how Louis Armstong's mom died and this site came up, I clicked on it. He was one of two children born to Willie Armstrong, a turpentine worker, and Mary Ann Armstrong, whose grandparents had been slaves.As a youngster, he sang on the streets with friends. He lived with his sister, mother, and grandmother in a rundown area of New Orleans known as "the Battlefield" because of the gambling, drunkenness, fighting, and shooting that frequently occurred there.From this period Armstrong performed mainly popular song material, which presented a new challenge. He rerecorded some of his earlier songs with great results. Armstrong continued to front big bands, often of lesser quality, until 1947, when the big-band era ended. White Storyville, where luxurious restaurants and casinos were situated, and Black Storyville, that "had prostitutes, but they lured customers into 'cribs,' cement barracks situated on unpaved streets alongside ramshackle bars and dance halls." (Tanenhaus 23) Louis and many other African Americans were limited to inferior jobs, schools, and neighborhoods, where many acts of violent racism occurred daily. Louis Daniel Armstrong was born in New Orleans on August 4, 1901.English: Louis Armstrong, jazz trumpeter Français : Le trompetiste et chanteur de jazz Louis Armstrong. yüzyılın en önemli müzisyenlerinden Louis Armstrong trompet çalarken (1953). Licensed under License unknown, please check it yourself" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567846385" English: Head and shoulders portrait of jazz musician Louis Armstrong.Français : Portait plan poitrine du musicien de jazz Louis Armstrong. Licensed under Public domain" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567846385"His father contributed nothing to the family's welfare, and left them to struggle on their own. Whether she worked as a breadwinner, a maid, or even a prostitute, Louis and his family remained in the state of poverty.


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