Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized In Canada Essay

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These savings will allow the illegal producers to undercut the legal product, as we see with illegal tobacco production.It is but an exponential expansion of the drug trade, to be followed by heartbreak and recriminations once the addictions, accidents, and worsening drop-out numbers become apparent.Canadians who are worried by this plan should speak out now against this brewing national disaster before it is too late.Marijuana is already being openly marketed in anticipation of legalization.If this statement sounds farfetched, then look out for the billboardsthat already loom over Montreal streets advertising a website that indicates where marijuana can be bought.Why does the government wish to legalize the use of a substance that is sure to cause untold suffering for countless families in the form of impaired driving accidents, workplace accidents and adverse health consequences?Unfortunately, governments cannot resist the siren song of tax revenue, so health and success take a backseat and instead the populace (especially the more addiction-prone segment) is provided with every opportunity for setback through the enthusiastic adoption of lotteries, casinos and, soon, the legal sale of marijuana, a product that can interfere with motivation.Anti-drug and anti-tobacco efforts are about to be set back by light years.Ironically, the media pictures of sterile, hydroponic greenhouses with white-suited technicians nurturing the pot plants leave the impression that this emerging industry is preparing a healthful, near-medical concoction.The opioid crisis shows us that the illegal production and distribution of a drug is a roughshod process, with little regard for quality control or even the survival of the customer.This method does have an upside: it is cheap, giving illegal marijuana producers a strong competitive advantage.


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