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The marketing concept depicts that the brand value of the organization needs to be enhanced in order to connect with the target consumers.If the brand value is enhanced, consumers will automatically choose the brand over other competition in the market.

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The marketing functions have a crucial role in the business organization.

There is a close link between marketing functions with other organizational functions in an organization.

The marketing concepts are divided into five major concepts which depict the core of marketing at Coconut bliss.

These concepts of marketing involve the current as well as future trends for a successful marketing planning.

The concepts involve in marketing are: production, product, selling, marketing and societal respectively.

Production concept: This concept is based over the perception of consumer, which depicts that the consumers are inclined towards the products which are easily available in good quantities in market at inexpensive price.The awareness regarding marketing essentials is too high in the current market scenario around the world.This assignment is based over a mini case study which depicts a business organization named Coconut Bliss, which is situated at Eugene, Ore.These marketing functions have different roles to promote growth in the business organization.The key roles and responsibilities of marketing functions are market research, finance, product development, communication, distribution, planning, promotion, selling etc.The finance department provides appropriate budget to the marketing department for the planning and implementation of marketing plan.Production department communicates with logistics department to fulfil the demand and supply of product and services.The marketing functions are separate entities in business organization but every department and function in an organization I linked together for increasing the profitability of the company.The main function of marketing is to increase the profitability by increasing the sales of the company, thus it can be achieved with the participation of all the departments of the organization simultaneously.Marketing is the crucial tool in the modern business organizations; it involves understanding of marketplace, demands of consumers, building profitable relations, customer driven market strategy and provide quality among the customers.The business organizations have realised the importance of customer relationships and they are trying to get an innovative approach towards marketing strategy in business.


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