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The reality is that most people should not use this essay to discuss their career ambitions and interest in HBS, because doing so will not reveal that much “more” about them.

Maybe the people you met or a building you saw made a meaningful impression on you.

Whatever these elements are, tie them to aspects of your background and profile while adding some new thoughts and information about yourself.

Because your HBS interviewer will have read your entire application before your meeting, you will likely discuss information from your resume, essays, recommendations, etc., during your interview.

This post-interview reflection, then, could provide an opening for you to integrate new and different elements of your profile, thereby adding depth to your candidacy.

However, if you are a medic at a bush hospital in Uganda and are applying to HBS with the goal of commercializing low-cost technologies to fight infectious diseases, this may well be a fitting topic for your essay, as you seek to connect the dots between your unusual (in a positive sense) career path and your aspirations.

In short, for most candidates, we would suggest eschewing a “Why MBA? ” approach, but in a few rare cases, it may be appropriate and compelling. HBS has not stipulated any particular parameters, but keep in mind that with each word, you are making a claim on someone else’s time—so you better make sure that what you have written is worth that additional time and effort.If you interview on campus, note also any observations about your time there.For example, sitting in on a class might have reminded you of a compelling past experience, or participating in the case method may have provided insight into an approach you could use in some way in the future.If this changes, we will amend our essay analysis For the past five years, HBS has asked candidates who are granted an interview to complete one more written task.Within 24 hours of interviewing, you must submit some final words of reflection, addressing the question “How well did we get to know you?In short, take the space you need to tell your story properly and showcase your personality and experience, and then work to reduce your essay to its lowest possible word count, without sacrificing any impact or effectiveness.From the admissions committee: “Following the interview, candidates are required to submit a written reflection using our online application system.Now, some applicants may fret that this means they absolutely cannot touch on anything mentioned elsewhere in their application, for fear that the admissions committee will become annoyed and reject them.However, HBS is not asking only for fresh information—it is asking for , and specifically, whatever “more” you believe the committee needs to evaluate you thoroughly and fairly.This last part is key—simply describing your visit will not teach the admissions committee anything about , and a flat statement like “I loved the case method” will not make you stand out.Similarly, offering a summary of everything the admissions committee already knows about you will not advance your candidacy and would constitute a lost opportunity to keep the committee learning about who you are.


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