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For example, the Big Mac that is served in every Mc Donald’s restaurant tastes the same though the burger is prepared in a short time.(Hancock, 1996) Furthermore, “Mc Donaldized” companies conduct research on producing their products.

Besides that, this concept makes services available anywhere and at anytime, and people are satisfied with their services.

For example, it was one of my visits to Mc Donalds and there was a “happy unhappy” container, which contains ping-pong balls.

Efficiency such as drive through window or ready made burger at a fast food joint is meant to get customers in and out fast.

Calculability is an emphasis on large quantities, such as the “Big Mac”, the “Whopper” or “Biggie Fries”.

In consequence people now choose the biggest, even if they know that there are better alternatives with more quality.

Another component is predictability, as everything seems to be predicted. The domination of fast food restaurants has introduced the ideology of “Mc Donaldization”.Companies are using the concept of “Mc Donaldization” to achieve success in the business world.By implementing the concept of “Mc Donaldization,” it has changed the world we see today.The society has become a consumer society, where people are spending more and more money.According to Professor George Ritzer, companies applying this concept are a “new means of consumption” to consumers (Ritzer, 1998).George Ritzer discovered that “Mc Donaldization” was a phenomenon when he saw the response of the citizens towards the companies that applies this concept, which made him interested to study about “Mc Donaldization”.This statement is supported because most of the food served in a Mc Donalds restaurant requires less physical work (Hancock, 1996).Besides that, the standard operation procedure in manufacturing the product maximizes the productivity.There will be no surprises among the people because they know what to expect.For example, a Big Mac tastes the same in Florida, Washington as in New York City.


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