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"A lot of times it’s only 10% of your grade in class," he said."You’re paying so much money for something that hardly affects your grade — but if you didn't have it, it would affect your grade enough.

"A lot of times it’s only 10% of your grade in class," he said.

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Mc Graw Hill Education did not respond to a request for comment, but its CEO David Levin told the Financial Times in August 2015 that "in higher ed, the era of the textbook is now over." The textbook industry insists the online systems represent a better deal for students."These digital products are not just mechanisms for students to submit homework, they offer all kinds of features," David Anderson, the executive director of higher education with the Association of American Publishers, told Buzz Feed News.

"It's very robust in helping students understand in a way that you can’t do with a print homework assignments."David Hunt, an associate professor in sociology at Augusta University, which has rolled out digital textbooks across its math and psychology departments, told Buzz Feed News that he understands the utility of using systems that require access codes.

Written specifically for the Common Core State Standards, Mc Graw Hill My Math offers personalized vocabulary, student-centered examples, online games, and downloadable apps that help students move from learning abstract concepts to direct application.

Mc Graw-Hill Education today announced Smart Book 2.0, an update to the adaptive learning engine for its Connect learning platform.

This year she said she spent $900 on access codes to books and programs."That’s two months of rent," she said. With a traditional textbook you can sell it for $30 to $50 and that helps to pay for your new semester's books.

With an access code, you’re out of that money." Benjamin Wolverton, a 19-year-old sophomore at the University of South Carolina, told Buzz Feed News that "it is ridiculous that after paying tens of thousands in tuition we have to pay out of pocket for all these access codes to do our homework."Many of the access codes he's purchased over his college career have been required simply to complete homework or quizzes.

Harper told Buzz Feed News that her freshman chemistry class required her to use Connect, a system provided by Mc Graw Hill where students can submit homework, take exams and track their grades.

But the code to access the program cost 0 — a big ask for Harper, who had already put down 0 for textbooks, and had rent day approaching.

As universities go digital, students are complaining of a new hit to their finances that is replacing — and sometimes joining — expensive textbooks: pricey online access codes that are required to complete coursework and submit assignments.

The codes — which typically range in price from to 5 per course — give students online access to systems developed by education companies like Mc Graw Hill and Pearson.


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