Metal Fabrication Business Plan

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His evaluation of both sets of co-workers found them to be much the same people, different class, but the same attitude and mind-set.The character traits of welders are; hard work, love of money and a never quit attitude.

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As a personal example; the author has learned how to work on Wall Street, and as a pipe welder.

Both jobs, for much the same reason, the large paycheck.

Those traits make them, in many cases, successful when starting a business.

As business owners they are considered blue collar Phds, for their mastery of many different business-building skills.

These industries require processes that cannot be rushed, or in other cases breezed through.

Over time, the author, and many of the welders and fitters he worked with, made the transition from welder to welding business owner.

For example; simple jobs such as a small pipe located in a tight spot may take a week to weld properly. On the other hand a million pound structure can be installed in just a few hours.

If, you do not understand the metallurgy issues that come with fabricating metal products, then stay away from welding related industries.

Commencing in January 1990, a comprehensive program of economic reforms Poland freed-up prices, introduced convertibility of its currency, stabilized the exchange rate and, as a rule, demonopolized business and opened the economy.

These measures resulted in a notable development of a private sector, increase of competition and general revival of the economic dynamism.


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