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The Christian roots displayed in the ceiling at the Holy building brought people to a hold.They wanted to see more and learn more from this displaying of God.Michelangelo explains a very crucial story in his painting.

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Not only does Michelangelo display stories of the Bible, but he portrays his own message as a big picture.

He shows viewers how the world is full of sin and wrath, displayed by harsh characters and scenes.

This further explained the Bible to people who learned visually, or could not read or write.

They could get insight into stories of the Bible that were difficult to understand, in order to gain a perspective into Christianity.

He was appointed by the Pope to work his magic in high-powered buildings and in popular European domains.

Michelangelo positively influenced the world through his art in religion, architecture, and revolutionizing art techniques.

William Lace describes the sight of the Sistine chapel as an impactful sight to viewers.

Michelangelo’s work gave insight to the unknown world of faith and acceptance of God.

Because the curiosity of religion and faith was emerging at the time, the paintings Michelangelo created made faith come to life.

The Europeans began their interest in Christianity, and getting to know God.


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