Middlebury Application Essay

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The college is also unique because of the foreign language programs it offers in the summer.

These programs run from between six to eight weeks and help students learn through immersion.

You must also submit several other steps as part of the application process.

The college asks for a personal statement or an essay that explains the field you want to study, the experience you have in that field, what you want to do with your degree and how Middlebury can help you with your career goals.

Middlebury will also want an official transcript from the college you attend and your score on a standardized test like the GMAT or the GRE.

Once the school receives your application and all supporting documentation, its admissions board will go over your application and make a final decision regarding your status.

The college can also offer grants and scholarships to students enrolled in certain programs and those who do specific extracurricular activities.

Students who do unpaid internships may receive some financial support from the college to cover their expenses while doing that fieldwork.

Though Middlebury College charges tuition, the total cost of attending depends on the number of classes you take.

Tuition alone for full-time students comes in at around ,000 a year.


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