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It’s tough to say if Hill did it all deliberately, yet it’s also equally tough to be bored by the results whether you like them or not." The Guardian critic Benjamin Lee: "When films are not just bad but incompetent, incoherent and incomprehensible, you start to wonder whether an actual human being was in charge or if a group of monkeys was given free rein on a soundstage for a month and this is what they produced. No." He skirted the real question, though: Is it worth seeing?Such is the case with [re]Assignment (previously Tomboy), a B-movie in which the b stands for bad, a film made with such staggering idiocy that it deserves to be studied by future generations for just how and why it ever got made." Newark Star-Ledger critic Stephen Whitty: "Nor is it enough to excuse a pulpy picture that uses transgender issues for a cheap plot gimmick. To which the answer is a total, and decisive, not on your life." Detroit News critic Adam Graham: "It’s not just that the subject matter is unsavory, it’s that everything about 'The Assignment' (originally titled 'Re-Assignment') is generic and lazy.The script was protested before production and if/when the film is commercially released, that’ll happen again.

Michelle Rodriguez stars as a transgender hitwoman, and complaints started last year from those who thought the role should've been given to an actual transgender woman.

The story is actually about a male hitman who is given gender reassignment surgery as a weird revenge for a job gone wrong, and she goes back to take them out.

Collider critic Phil Brown: "Brazenly tasteless and ridiculous, there are plenty of reasons to dismiss and dislike the latest feature from action movie pioneer Walter Hill.

'The Assignment' is a project that he has apparently spent 40 years developing, but it feels more like something that should have been made all those decades ago rather than a project that needed time to percolate.

Yep, that’s really the premise of the movie and one that treats transgender politics as tastelessly as it sounds.

The concept of gender reassignment surgery being used as a form of punishment is problematic at best.It’s clear the guy still has chops as a filmmaker, which makes the scenes when the movie departs into inexplicable insanity even more head-scratching.There’s a chance that the joke is on us and in a few years Assignment will play like self-aware camp released in an era too sensitive to notice. I sure as hell won’t be able to scrape whatever the hell this was from my mind any time soon.After all, he is suggesting that someone’s gender is defined by their interior more than their exterior; he just took a deliberately exploitative path to get there.As much as this movie is defined by the stripped down exploitation charms of the revenge genre, Hill also complicates the telling through varying perspectives and flashbacks.Following an ace assassin who is double crossed by gangsters and falls into the hands of rogue surgeon known as The Doctor who turns him into a woman. In fact, I think you described the whole thing very good. The star power associated with this film does not support that trailer. LOL But seriously, interesting premise, but that trailer makes it look like a lousy execution. The hitman now a hitwoman sets out for revenge, aided by a nurse named Johnnie who also has secrets. Let's just hope, on the end, it will be a good one to watch, huh? 7 I wonder if it's based on this graphic novel, it seems almost identical. That last exploitation has brought protests almost from the moment the film was announced, both from those who thought it shouldn't be made at all to those who wanted a real transgender performer cast in the lead. Kitchen is painted as a world class killer, although we never see any evidence of his high-level skills or evasive tactics.It led to calls for a boycott and left Hill a little weary, even as the film limped into its premiere at last September's Toronto Film Festival. Hill is too concerned with getting his jollies over the supposedly taboo subject matter to care.There’s also a chance that Hill simply went off the rails with this one and delivered something so wildly lurid and insane that it’s a jaw-dropper of ill-conceived bad taste. That’s certainly an achievement of in and of itself.Either way, the flick is never boring for a second.


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