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If the resource gets allocated to task or tasks that would require more than his/its work hours, the resource is over allocated and MS Project will indicate this in red formatting. So 50% would mean the individual works for half of the normal full capacity, so if a normal work week is 40 hours, this equals 20 hour capacity.

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Every project needs both equipment and people to carry out the work.

It is important to know the availability and the costs associated with your resources.

People resources will have limited work hours, say 6, 8 or 12 hours.

Equipment resources have different working capacities of 2, 8 or 24 hours and could have maintenance breaks as well.

This information will allow you to pull relevant data from the project to assist with further planning, timelines, budgets and many more areas of project control. On the VIEW tab, in the Resources Views sheet, click on the Resource Sheet. Click the cell directly below the Resource Name column heading. The max units’ are the amount of a resource that is dedicated to completing a task.

Project will keep track of what is required of each resource based on what tasks are assigned to the resource.Optimum Resource Scheduling is the key to successful project management.Note − Be aware of the crucial difference between People and Equipment resources.Cost resources are financial cost associated with a task, like travel expenses, food expenses, etc.The cost value of cost resource is only assigned when you assign cost resource to a task.If Susan is assigned to two projects of equal work, then her capacity for your project will be set to 50%. The costs are directly related to the scope of the project and to what work can be done to achieve the goals. User tip to save time: If there are many users that use the same pay rate and overtime rate, then you can set these amounts as the default data that will appear every time you enter a new resource.When the resources are assigned the costs, you will be able to understand the total expected costs of the project, based on task durations entered. Standard rates for work and material resources can be entered. Total costs are assigned by multiplying the assigned task duration by the pay rates that are entered. Work Resource Setup overview: showing Resource Name, Type, Group, Max (capacity) Std Rate and Overtime Rate.These names can be entered using the job type or by the work type, and the actual name can be changed later in the project.To start off, be sure to capture all resources, whether they be people, material or cost, and enter the correct payment strategies for each. Since resources can also be delegated by groups of individuals, you can use the name of a group instead of calling the resource by a specific first name (ie: engineers) The MAX units’ field is set to 100% by default when you enter a resource.Work resources are the people required to complete tasks in the project.Cost resources are the financial costs that are associated with the project.


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