Multiple Sclerosis Research Paper Outline

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AP (Hocoma AG, Volketswil, Switzerland) is a rehabilitative exoskeleton used as early treatment of motor abilities.

It provides an intelligent arm support in a large 3D workspace.

The patient underwent a MRI examination with MRI scanner operating at 3.0 T (Achieva, Philips Healthcare, Best, The Netherlands), by using a 32-channel SENSE head coil.

The MRI protocol included: T1-weighted (repetition time [TR] = 8 ms, echo time [TE] = 4 ms, slice thickness/gap = 1/0 mm, number of slices = 173, field of view 240 mm) used as structural reference for f MRI acquisition.

The system is able to calibrate the working space according to patient's active mobility, and provides information about specific movement parameters.

In addition, it permits an adjustment of level of difficulty for each patient during the entire training.

To date, however, few studies about the effectiveness of physiotherapy on upper limb functions in MS have been performed.

Despite some differences about neuropsychological and clinical outcome, task-related f MRI and RS-f MRI findings are quite consistent, pointing out the role of some specific brain regions such as cingulated cortex, precuneus, and cerebellum.

Consequently, upper limb dysfunction could potential interfere with patient's quality of life.

For this reason, the possibility to recovery patient motor activity is very important.


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