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I dream of living in a simple little house by an ocean or sea, preferable where it is warm and sunny, and spending my life writing, reading, raising my kids with my other half, and living in peace.The dream has obviously changed over the years, I used to dream about living in a cabin on the beach alone, now it has my family in it too, and in some ways it has become more attainable and in others less.Recently there has been a lot of mention in the news about reaching the 50-year milestone anniversary of Martin Luther King’s historic march on our nation’s capital.

There will be delicious smells of freshly baked bread and cookies coming from the kitchen and the salty ocean breeze will constantly makes its rounds through the rooms; there will always be a view onto sand and sea, sun and moon; it is a place where you always feel safe and calm and loved.How inspirational would MLK’s speech have been if he said, “I have a plan…”? When King spoke of his dream, it was inspirational not just to the people who shared his dream, but to all people with dreams of their own and dreams for their children.Likewise, when a student writes about his or her dreams in the essay, the admissions officer can relate because he or she was once at this fork-in-the-road of life between high school and college, student and professional, youth and adult. Being homeless must give a person an awful feeling. In the following essay, you will follow your dreams and write about them. The order of your paragraphs is left up to you but, you must have one paragraph on each of the following: Each paragraph must have a topic sentence, at least three supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence. I dream that one day, very soon, everyone will have a place to live.Magical things don’t just happen, you have to find a way to make them appear, sometimes taking a lot of work and hope and tears.Now that my dream has become a shared dream, one that my family also wants, I hope that this dream will be waiting for us to jump on be right around the next corner.I used to dream of walking barefoot on every beach in the world, leaving a little bit of myself behind at every stop so that I always had an excuse to come back again.I still dream of taking off to a destination unknown, seeing things through my eyes and translating images and impressions into words over and over again.We are going to work as hard as we can to make it possible, for us and for the girls. I dream of a beach and a little house, hibiscus flowers as big as my head and coconuts hanging from the trees. Many of my short stories involve the beach in some way or another.There is nothing wrong with dreaming big and dreaming far, it is what keeps us going on the bad days and gives us an extra skip on the good days. I dream of warm sand in my toes, a life barefoot, and a sky stretching further than I can see. Of Hearts and Sea Glass, Of Instability and Growing Roots, and Autumn's Place are a few that I have up the on blog.


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