My Political Socialization Essay

My Political Socialization Essay-77
Political Socialization Political socialization is the process by which the political values of a society are passed on to the next generation of citizens (“Political Socialization”).

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An individual's family and friends are considered to be their primary socialization group.

These are the people to whom they are closest, and those people who have the most influence over the actions of that individual.

In the past, families played the largest role in the political socialization of young people.

In the 2008 study, the group found that young people adopted the party affiliation of their parents 65 percent of the time, especially if parents had strong opinions or talked about politics, Edgerly said.

Nowadays, young people are finding news on their own, whereas in past generations, they would be exposed to the news because their parents read newspapers and watched the nightly news on the singular television set in the home, Shah said.

Ninety percent of people ages 18 to 29 use social media today.

The agents of political socialization are those groups through whom these ideas are passed onto the individual citizens.

These include the family unit, the education system, religious organizations, and the greater culture in which the individual lives.


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