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At the end, in his dream, “the writer” metaphorically transforms into the stranger and finds his daughter, that image of love and bliss, and feels at peace.

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Once the mass was over, we headed to the cemetery and found that some men had already made all the preparations for my grandfather’s burial.

The pole bearers allowed us to have a last look at my grandfather so we could say our last goodbye before burial.

dg —- As the stranger pushed open his door at the Longhorn Motel, the writer noticed the befuddled grin.

“Oh, this is the wrong…,” the man muttered, trailing off and backing out.

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When I was 16, almost 17 my boyfriend practically died in my arms and I spent the next year almost isolated and studying all the time. Now, should I mention such a thing in the essay or not? If I do write, it will not sound like I want to be pitied at all because I am a strong person, I never gave up the fight and eventually fully recovered and this will probably show in the essay.

I have always sworn to myself I wouldn't because I have no intentions at all to use his death as a means to get accepted or anything, but sometimes when I am asked to write about me and my life, it inevitably comes to my mind and...

I can still recall that fateful Thursday morning when my cousin arrived at the college’s residential hall where I was staying.

He did not actually tell me what was happening, but from his hesitant voice, I could tell that something was terribly wrong.


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