Narrative Essay About The Day I Met My Best Friend

Narrative Essay About The Day I Met My Best Friend-65
For me, this was definitely a significant turning point in my life, to finally meet, in person, writing friend, but had never had the opportunity to actually meet.Darcie Hossack and I “met” online for the first time on the Humber student discussion board.

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By the river, we played soccer on the bumpy grass field, swam and caught a fish—a tiny and bony catfish. It was almost dark and we had to blitz home so that our parents wouldn’t get worried. He shouted goodnight as he shot into the rubble-like parking lot of his residence. The reality of the situation hit me like a thunderbolt. Mum was sitting beside me, and I could see she had been crying. A million friends could never replace him, or even one million angels, I thought.

After having a late lunch of mixed berries, roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, we sat down on the cushion-like grass surrounding the river and talked and laughed loudly at boyish jokes. “Promise we will always be best friends; that we will be exactly like our dads? I cannot explain why, but a chill rushed down my spine. Then one evening, I was sitting with my mother after some tea, and I asked her, “Mum, does God love us? ” With loving, teary eyes she peered into my eyes and said, “God loves us so much, son.

During the past four years, we’ve offered each other advice, editing, encouragement, connections, and confidence that what we’re writing, and the way we’re writing it, is not only good, but will eventually be published.

I’m so proud that Darcie is first with a collection of short stories this fall to be published by Thistledown.As usual on every Independence Day since I was five years old, George and Terry, my two best friends, and I, went on a manly picnic.I diligently carried out my household chores, packed my picnic bag and off I went to collect my friends by way of bicycle., I thought to myself as I sped down my neighborhood street on my beat-up blue Schwinn.George and I were born on the same day, March 14th, 1984. Intriguingly, they had their firstborns in the same year as well.This church would be a week long and I wouldn’t have my cell phone, there for I would have to be able to trust my boyfriend. I constantly get butterflies in my tummy and chills down my back.I called him before I left, told him I was I cried for hours, days, and nights. Not only was Bradley pushing me out of his life, He had someone to replace me, His ex-girlfriend who he had dated for a month. He knew it really hurt me, and asked for another chance. This boy has changed my life for the better, not only am I doing better in school, my attitude towards everything has changed.Besides these similarities, George had a large heart and would go out of his way to help me in situations that called for aid.Most years, we held our Independence Day picnic by the Sequin River’s calm sound and sight.But we’ve also been collaborating all this time on another idea.In blistering Nebraska, it was America’s Independence Day.


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