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Over the past two months, I’ve read three books and one literary journal—the most continued book reading I’ve done in years."I realized that I could turn how my father lived in me from a monolithic monster into an apologist--from this terrifying entity into this broken, sad, tragic little boy.This section contains reviews of various literary pieces which belong to the 'Non Fiction' category.From essays to biography and history, here are the best nonfiction books of 2017 according to the editors and contributors at the The Wrong Way to Save Your Life By Megan Stielstra Harper Perennial “Megan Stielstra’s third essay collection cements her as one of Chicago’s strongest literary voices.Whether she’s dissecting dear hearts, watching her home burn down, worrying about her father’s health, or struggling against academic bureaucracy, Megan’s brings humor and insight to bear on her deepest fears.” —Adam Morgan Here’s our conversation with Stielstra about the book, which won the 2017 Chicago Review of Books Award for Creative Nonfiction.A non-exhaustive list might include: the ideal of common citizenship, anti-tribalism, belief in artistic quality, ribald humour, irony, working-class solidarity, the existence of disinterested truth.Free speech – the rallying cries of radical Berkeley students in the 1960s – is now typ ... (read more)n 7 December 1941, Japan bombed the American naval base at Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt declared that it was a date that would ‘live in infamy’.This battle took place largely between 18, and it was played out in the newspapers and by means of pamphlet warfare ... (read more)he left has an appalling habit of handing over its best ideas to the right.In different times and places, liberalism has meant many different, even contradictory, things ... (read more)omestic violence and rape are not easy topics to write or read about.It’s not just because of the subject matter itself, as grim and distressing as the details can be.


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