Notecard For Research Paper

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You should also include the page number, the chapter number, the date of publication, and the author.

The purpose of note cards is to gather, summarize andorganize all the information required for a research paper.

In the example below, separate cards are used for the quote and source information.

A number is placed in the upper left-hand corner of the card, which corresponds to the source.

What matters the most is appropriate referencing of the information and its proper structuring in regard to the research project in focus.

These note cards are really helpful in not just building up the entire curation plan but also fosters the researcher to further strengthen the weightage of research paper body in terms of the shared information and concluded facts.

This example is similar to the example above, but here the writer has written whether the information is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized in the lower right corner: Some writers find it useful to write the full bibliographic information on a separate card (Ex. An alternative is to write the full bibliographic information on the back side of the notecard, though some writers feel two-sided notecards can be confusing.

You might also find it useful to use color-coded cards to easily organize your paper.

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These will help you proof and correct while you write.


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