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The journalist who vows to do so has taken a long first step to the road to professionalism.Accuracy and objectivity are by no means the only principles a journalist must live by. They can't put sexually explicit material in newspapers or magazines and must seek understatement, not overstatement.They cannot express personal feelings, likes or dislikes to color news stories.

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For example, behind western journalism is the philosophical notion that no one perspective or view of reality has ultimate dominance.

At the end of the so-called postmodern (pro-futuristic?

Another of the journalist's highest principles is objectivity.

This is the state of mind that journalists acquire to make them fair, neutral observers of events and issues.

Basic public communication concepts such as news, objectivity, truth, journalism, reporter, magazine, newspaper, social media, bias, propaganda, mass, public opinion, profession, media (all kind) and media ethics-these and many others wait meaningful definitions.

One of the most troublesome of the concepts is “the news”. Journalists generally claims they know the news when they see it.Basic terms go undefined and more complex concepts continue to spawn debate and even ideological chaos.For some, the message is the match that ignites the flames of progressive social discourse and, in many cases, of communal discord.Now it is generally believed that when a person buys a newspaper, he/she buys a point of view.Or perhaps better, when a person listens to, or reads, a reporter’s story, what is received is a point of view.And, of course, historically, news has been considered, despite semantic difficulties, the core substance of journalism.But, from a realistic perspective, news today has lost its primary status.In one case, a woman given journalism's highest honor, a Pulitzer Prize, had to give it back when they found out that her main character in the prize-winning story didn't exist.Accuracy, to the ethical journalist, has a special meaning and close doesn't count.According to others (like Marshall Mc Luhan, 1965), the media themselves impact our lives, causing us to think and act differently than we would without them.To explain “bias” within this topic is that the media largely refuse to admit any bias at all.


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