Oedipus Rex Critque Essay

In Sophocles’s play, Oedipus marries his mother and sires children by her.This tragedy is about more than psychological disorders, however; it is about prophesies, and what happens when mortals try to refute them. Oedipus rules the city, alongside his wife, Jocasta. He is beset with a problem—the people of Thebes are sick, poor, and dying.Creon defends himself, claiming that not only did he not ask Tiresias to lie for him, but he has no interest in ruling Thebes. Oedipus confides his woes to his wife, and she tries to comfort him by telling him not to place stock in the words of the oracle.

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To find a solution, he sends Creon, his brother-in-law, to the shrine of Apollo.

Creon returns to inform Oedipus that the bad blood must be removed from Thebes for the city to heal.

Oedipus’s ruminating is interrupted by a Corinthian, who has come to beg Oedipus to return home to rule because his father has died.

Oedipus refuses, certain that if he does, he will hurt his mother.

He asks when and where the old king died and what he looked like.

Jocasta tries to reassure Oedipus, telling him there is a survivor who had been with Laios.

The others include Oedipus at Colonus, in which Oedipus travels with his daughter Antigone to Colonus, where he dies, and Antigone, which chronicles her return to Thebes and her suicide, which leads to two other suicides—those of Creon’s son and Creon’s wife.

Sophocles remains one of the foremost ancient Greek playwrights.

Tiresias reluctantly informs Oedipus it is he who is the bad blood; he who killed his father and sleeps with his mother.

Oedipus, shocked and angered by this, is convinced that Creon got Tiresias to say these things to take the throne in Thebes.


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