Opposite Of Critical Thinking

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The opposite of the condition where a person has pursued critical path logic, yet in finding insufficient evidence, refuses to tender a final conclusion or opinion (ethical skepticism). Any time one assumes that they are ready to start drawing likely conclusions, without any preparation, based upon current knowledge, under a presumption of invulnerability and bearing a motivation to mock and deride – they bear the highest likelihood of errors in judgement. Bear the Pollyanna delusion that teaching critical thinking will make it all go away. History shows that this type of thinking is foolishness. Looking at the feedback received, there were many creative ideas to make further progress towards a circular economy but there was also reasoning about the issues and ideas.In the innovation literature it is a normal phenomenon that both creative thinking and critical thinking are present.In face-to-face instruction your teacher provides you ready-made knowledge chunks which you need to memorize.In a digital learning environment, you do not have a teacher, consequently you need to construct new knowledge by using all available sources of information.In the discussions I could not really experience that creative thinking and critical thinking was seperate from each other.Wechsler (2018) present that not all dimensions of critical thinking and creative thinking are relevent as is shown in the picture below.In the feedback I received it was quite the opposite. Perhaps critical thinking depends on the topic and/or the people involved.


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