Optimization Techniques For Solving Complex Problems

Optimization Techniques For Solving Complex Problems-78
This reflects how the ES exponent affects the overall cost for the entire period.

This reflects how the ES exponent affects the overall cost for the entire period.A comparison of the results for the four scenarios is given in Figure 6.

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However, the opposite perspective would be valid, too.

Problems formulated using this technique in the fields of physics may refer to the technique as energy minimization, speaking of the value of the function as representing the energy of the system being modeled.

deviates away from the predetermined value, this inaccuracy will increase dramatically.

Applying the GAINLP model on the inexact nonlinear programming problem, the optimization problem can be solved directly without additional assumptions for the effects of the ES.

In the simplest case, an optimization problem consists of maximizing or minimizing a real function by systematically choosing input values from within an allowed set and computing the value of the function.

The generalization of optimization theory and techniques to other formulations constitutes a large area of applied mathematics.

In this chapter, the GA-based methods have been proposed and applied for identifying an all-purpose optimization solution for the ILP, IQP and INLP problems. Compared to these GA-based methods, the traditional problem-solving method has limitations due to the complexity involved in selecting the upper or lower bounds of variables and parameters when the subobjective functions are being constructed.

The complexity arises due to the extensive computation and necessary associated assumptions and simplification.

In Machine Learning, it is always necessary to continuously evaluate the quality of a data model by using a cost function where a minimum implies a set of possibly optimal parameters with an optimal (lowest) error.

Typically, a utility function or fitness function (maximization), or, in certain fields, an energy function or energy functional.


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