Othello Is Not A Tragic Hero Essay

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He ignores when lago provokes him against Desdemona's father.

He ignores when lago provokes him against Desdemona's father.

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” indicates her ability to manipulate him into believing that he is not ‘strong’ enough to murder.

This too, plays an important but yet, not as dominant, role in Macbeth’s downfall.

A Bryant (1961) argues that, “Macbeth is a wholly negative character who possesses the capacity for good but chooses to commit evil instead”, illustrating that his ulterior motive wasn’t for the good or righteous, as opposed to Othello, but for the selfish rise to power, evidently making him less of a tragic hero; he merely chooses evil because it works to his own advantage rather than making the world into a ‘better’ place.

Both a Shakespearean and a modern audience would believe that Macbeth, like the Devil, has willed himself into a desperate position whereby he is captive of nothing except the providence he chose to ignore.

In the beginning, we see Othello reasonable, patient and noble.

He faces the anger of Brabantio calmly like a general.

Peripeteia, the point where the character’s fortune changes, must evoke a state of pity and fear amongst the audience, and give above all, a didactic message.

The outcome of this characteristic should result in a complex but sole instigation of both the hero’s J.

But, as a typical tragic character, Othello has the terrible fault (hamartia) in that he is disturbingly gullible, madly jealous, and irrationally quick in his wrong judgments and actions.

As a tragic character, Othello's 'error of judgment' lies in his faulty understanding of innocent people like his wife as guilty, and his pigheaded trust of villains like lago. His sexual jealousy, which rouses in us terrible hatred, would be something ordinary and tolerable if it was reasonable.


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