Othello Love Essay

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Othello used to be a cool, calm and collected general, and also a loving husband to Desdemona in the beginning of the play, 'Othello'.

However, as we near the end of the play, Othello transformed into an Love is a universal feeling that everyone experiences at least once during his or her lifetime.

Othello celebrate his peak of joy, yet so markedly his invocations of death and fear make us apprehensive" ("Beyond the Comedy" Critical interpretations 24).

Emilia’s love for her husband, Iago, leaves her nothing but regret and deep despair.

Love in Othello However strong the emotional attitude of prejudices may be in Othello, Love is the most powerful emotion and ironically the emotion that leads to the most vulnerability.

Loves of all kinds are tested in the tragedy and ultimately all fail to rectify the horrible situation.

Shakespeare presents such themes in countless works to generate a connection with his audience who have experienced what it means to love and to lust.

Nevertheless, some plays epitomize these themes better than others do.

(act 2.1 188-191) Such statement gives mixed messages suggesting happiness yet weariness about the future.

Susan Snyder has cited the same irony in Othello’s statement "…


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